A small park which sits at the very heart of St Paul’s Conservation Area in Brentford

St. Paul’s Recreation Ground

A small park which sits at the very heart of St. Paul’s Conservation Area in Brentford

Located just behind Brentford High Street, between Half Acre and South Ealing Road, and is essential to the planned Victorian character of the area. It was designated as open space in 1883, on former market garden and orchard land. It has a roughly square, formal, layout and is crossed by two tree-lined avenues with tree-lined perimeter paths on most edges.

In 2015 a group of residents came together to initiate new plans for the park and in 2016, the group was formalised as the Friends of St. Paul’s Recreation Ground. The Friends have been a driving force behind both the protection, development and maintenance of the park, and have initiated plans for improvements, some of which will be completed in 2019. We also organise fundraising events in the park and co-ordinate activities with other local community groups. It is our aim to ensure this much – loved park remains an oasis within the surrounding urban landscape, serving the needs of all residents, young and old, and as a focal point for the local community.

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